Locking Hand Cuffs – Making Of

personalized bondage gear

As Valentine’s Day approaches us all some are in the mood for giving…locking padded hand cuffs. I decided to photograph a bit today in the workshop as I made this pair for a good client of mine up in Canada. Did you know I can personalize your piece with any inscription? I heat treat and brand the letters and symbols right into the Latigo Leather. As seen above, a special process and machine is used to get it looking just right. You might even consider personalizing your next set, just enter your inscription in the input box as one of the options for the product.beveled edge on a hand cuff

I like to bevel the lower edge of all of my bondage gear. This is the part that will be touching the skin and beveling it, or creating a curved edge, helps to make each strap and restraint quite comfortable. The Latigo Leather I use is already fairly flexible and soft, and with a bit of, um…use it will become even more supple. Latigo is the good stuff by the way, and in my opinion it is the only type of leather any maker should be using in their bondage gear. It has been impregnated (whoops) with high quality waxes and oils that help it resist water and sweat. Without that simple property, the leather would easily break down, dry out and tear fairly quickly. I recently had a client of mine tell me that he dropped a pair of his ankle cuffs I made into a bucket of water by accident (no I didn’t ask why) and he didn’t notice they were there until the weekend was over. He picked the ankle cuffs right out of the bucket and they were still just as nice as when they were first dropped in. Try that with any other type of leather! (Actually – don’t, other types will dry out and harden and are extremely difficult to revive.)

hammering holes in the strap

For the locking padded hand cuffs I hand hammer each hole into place, evenly spaced apart. The holes are wider than normal in order to fit the locking mechanism on the buckle.

locking bondage hand cuffs

A complete pair of locking cuffs ready to be shipped off for some serious use. I sell them complete with small polished locks and keys. The padding on my cuff designs is made from a high quality densely packed – 100% pressed wool felt. The felt is comfy when worn tightly and is a much better option than typical leather padding that other makers use. Ever sit on a leather couch and started to sweat? Not a comfortable feeling!

Have a question about my Cuffs or other Bondage related restraint? Comment below and I’ll get back to you:

Custom Built Head Harness

custom head harness bondage gear

My clients love to challenge me. Recently I had the pleasure of taking on a custom project for a European client who needed a solidly built head harness with a comfortable mouth bit. The harness needed to accommodate the sizes of several different users, so strap length and flexibility was key. I decided to make every part of the harness adjustable – this way the straps can be tightened or loosened to fit forward more over the nose, or behind the eyes if that was deemed more comfortable. custom head harness bondage gearThe mouth bit is a small pony training bit and is rubberized so that the teeth are not damaged during play. There is just enough room on the bit rings to clip on a lead rope or reins for the Horseplay enthusiast. Not shown in the images here (for clarity purposes) is the neck collar that attaches to the harness in the back, and has one solid O-Ring in the front for an extra option to clip into.

custom head harness bondage gear

As with all of my goods – this piece uses stainless steel O-Rings, buckles and keepers, as well as a special type of solid brass drilled rivets. The leather is all a very high-grade U.S. Full-Grain Latigo leather. I chose to use a 6/7 oz leather for a better fit and comfort on the face. I am considering making this piece available in the shop as part of my line of high-end leather bondage gear. If you like the look – please share this post with your friends. custom head harness bondage gear custom head harness bondage gear custom head harness bondage gear custom head harness bondage gear custom head harness bondage gear custom head harness bondage gear custom head harness bondage gear custom head harness bondage gear custom head harness bondage gear

Add Spikes to your Bondage Gear

bondage gear spikes metal spikesIn the last week I received a shipment of some new shiny spikes. With four versions total – two shown in the photo above. All are either solid stainless steel or a solid brass with nickel plating. I am planning on adding them to some bondage collar designs, and maybe a few hand cuffs or every day wearable cuffs. Photos coming soon of all the options and they will be easily selectable on the site within a week or two. For now if you’d like some spikes added to your order, please make a special request by messaging me first and we can discuss the details.

Leather Bondage Collar in the making

three ring leather bondage collar

leather bondage ring collar bdsm

Several long hours in the workshop this weekend were spent diving into the intricacies of leather bondage collar design. The first step in making a leather collar is using the right materials. Above is what I start with – U.S. Full-Grain Latigo leather and those are solid stainless steel welded rings. They are meant for equestrian use and are extremely durable.   bondage leather collar with bdsm ring

The initial thoughts with my bondage collar were that it would not need to be built to hold as much as my regular restraint sets. A collar should be worn loosely and very little force should ever be used in that area as it is a delicate spot. As such I began by using the medium thickness leather stock which is a bit more flexible and will be easier to wear. The design above is a simple strap version that connects at the o-ring itself. The back will feature a buckle to adjust the tightness. Straps in this case are fastened with a new version of solid drilled rivet I came across…stainless steel. That means all hardware now has the possibility of avoiding nickel for those allergic.stainless steel bondage rings for leather bondage collar

But I did not want to stop there. Since there are several ways to build a collar, I wanted to push things a bit and make something in between a strap collar and a full on bondage postural collar. black leather bondage collar bdsm

The design above is a 2 inch wide base layer with a strap running through it to hold the stainless steel o-ring. This bondage collar is tough and looks pretty serious. The advantage in this original design is that no hardware will touch the skin…you know – for those sensitive types. three ring leather bondage collar The grand finale of bondage collar designs. This one features three o-rings and can hold up to 5 o-rings total. Allowing for connections at different points which you can customize to your liking. I am not quite done with these designs and may have a few more. They should be ready for sale in the shop by the end of this week.

Have an idea of your own you’d like to share or have made just for you? Comment below or send me an email and we can discuss.

Bondage Gear Example

leather bondage restraints and bicep cuffsAn early start to the day to get some orders worked on. Two leather bicep cuffs, three belted straps of varying lengths and two quick straps. A number of setups can be made with this purchase:

  • using the quick clip you can bind the two bicep cuffs behind the back or in front
  • using a belted strap you can wrap entirely around each bicep cuff and through all d-rings to make one solid restraint to hold the arms together
  • using one belted strap you can loop it through one d-ring on one bicep cuff and around a bed post or pole for an adjustable hold down strap
  • the belted straps can also be used as a quick and dirty way to bind the wrists or ankles

Of course – these are just a few ideas of the many many uses you can get out of this combo. It all depends on your setup and future purchases from the shop. I am also quite open to custom requests if you need a particular item not shown in the shop.

Bondage Leather Restraints VS Sweat and Fluids

leather bondage gear

Did you know that only certain types of leather are the best for bondage restraints? It’s true and there are some simple facts you should know about why that is. There are a lot of cheap leather cuffs and restraints out there, cheap as in price and cheap as in quality – they usually go hand in hand. Cheap leather has a tendency to absorb sweat and fluids during your scene. Kind of like a sponge it will take in all of that perspiration and embed it deep into the leather. Why is that bad? For several reasons:

  • Salt and water is bad for leather – in particular cheap leather

When you go out on your search for the perfect hand cuff, ankle cuff, and other restraint stay away from regular chrome tanned leathers, genuine leathers, bonded leathers, and plain vegetable tanned leathers. These leather types will absorb sweat and fluids and the salt contained in them will start to break down the leather fibers very quickly. Salt and water also tend to flush out any natural oils that help to preserve the leather. In doing so the leather will become stiffer, it will deform, and it may start to tear at any pressure points.

  • Fluids that absorb into cheap leathers are nearly impossible to get out.

Ever had a smelly old leather shoe? Well imagine that happening to a cheap leather restraint that is full of playful fluids. Probably not a good smell to leave around, and there really isn’t a great way to remove it from the cheaper restraints. In fact with those other leather types – you can’t really even wipe them down too well as things tend to absorb as they happen.

In my own creations – and as in everything available in my shop, I only build gear with U.S. Latigo Leather. This is really the only high-quality choice for leather restraint gear. The Latigo leather is hot-stuffed with a lot of oils and waxes making it virtually impossible to absorb water and fluids. Due to the high oil content and waxes – it remains strong, flexible and resistant to tearing. The Latigo leather I use will keep any fluids at the surface so you can easily wipe them down with a damp cloth or sponge. The reason I chose to use this type of leather, even though it does come at a cost, is because I believe everything that comes out of my shop should be the highest quality possible. Making well made items means my customers are happy and are very likely to recommend my goods to their friends.

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Leather Bondage Gear – Finding Quality

leather bondage restraint leatherworker

Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Master Leather Craftsman behind Masterbind. The title stems from many years of experience building rugged and durable leather bags, belts and straps for my clients of a different brand. For Masterbind I design and handcraft leather restraints of the highest quality materials available in the U.S. The fact is…there are only a small handful of leather craftsman out there that have the right skills, are using the right materials, and are designing for long-term heavy use. Forget the large and small adult toy novelty shops, if you want real quality you need to go directly to the leather craftsmen themselves. But don’t be fooled by anyone out there toting a knife, scissors and some form of black leather. Not everyone knows the secrets to creating strong and well built restraints. That’s precisely why I entered the arena of leather bondage restraint goods. I am here as the Master to up the quality level to the highest this industry has ever seen. I know what leather is best for this work, I know all about the right hardware and suppliers to use. I know the different fastening systems and what works best. I also know that sometimes you need a solution that is entirely customized just for you.

The bottom line is that for leather bondage restraints, you must buy nice or buy twice. Skip the small-time corner cutting shops and come on over to see what I am making right here in my own U.S.A. workshop.

I believe it is very important to educate my clients about what makes a quality leather restraint. At first glance you may not notice why most other cuffs and straps are of poor quality and should be avoided. With a little knowledge that I intend to share…you can pick out a poorly made item from a mile away. Below is a short education that will be expanded upon in subsequent posts. I plan to go into detail on every section over time to make sure everyone here has a great understanding of leather, hardware, fastening style, detailing and care.


The best your money can buy for the specific purpose of leather restraints is…drumroll… U.S. Latigo Leather. Not surprisingly all of my restraints are made from this specific type of leather. Why? It is made from U.S. hides, known for their consistency and quality because U.S. farmers tend to feed their cows well and they generally are not exposed to extreme conditions and poor processing methods as in other countries. Latigo Leather is known for being stuffed with oils, waxes and fats that preserve and strengthen the leather for years and years of heavy use. Where other cheaper leathers will dry out over time and crack…Latigo Leather holds strong and remains fairly supple. This is important considering the strain that a restraint can be put under. A side effect of the heavily oiled and waxed nature of Latigo Leather is that it remains very easily to wipe down after use. Simply use a damp sponge or rag. The leather will resist water and fluids well and they should stay on top of the leather and not soak in. These properties make Latigo a very expensive leather and is the main reason why most shops choose not to use it. My goods may cost slightly more than others, but in the end you are gaining basically a lifetime of use out of a quality material.


Stick with Stainless Steel Welded hardware for all your buckles, D-Rings, O-Rings, Clips and more. Stainless Steel a very strong choice for hardware and it can handle heavy use. Other makers tend to cut corners and use cast zinc hardware with a shiny finish. It may look decent, but might not feel too great when that cheap metal cracks after several uses. Stick with the best and you wont have to re-purchase your restraints. Rivets are another matter. In my research I have found an overwhelming majority of shops using a very cheap style of rivet known in our industry as the Jiffy Rivet. It is not meant to hold weight and consists of ultra thin metal that will shear or pop loose under force. Some shops will use them to directly connect hardware to the cuff. That’s not a good idea for the longrun and risks tear at an inconvenient time. I use what are called Solid Brass Drilled Rivets. These are several times thicker and the heads spleen open upon setting them into place creating a stronger lock. I tend to use multiple rivets in the same area for even greater strength. I have also developed a very strong lace cinch system that is used on a lot of horse gear. That in combination with my drilled rivets makes for an extremely durable piece.

Leather bondage hardware for straps and hand cuffs


The best type of leather will also require a small amount of care. That’s why I include a free tin of my own handcrafted Leather Cream with every order. Once in a while you should rub a bit onto stressed areas including buckle holes and fastening points. It keeps the leather well oiled and strong for years and years. What type of leather goods aren’t sold with a leather conditioner? Probably the type of leather goods you should avoid. A lot of cheap leathers wont actually accept conditioners and just end up stretching and cracking over time. I believe in my work and the quality of it – that’s why I provide a free tin of Cream for you.

I will be writing a bit more on these topics over the following weeks,  but if you want to read more right now, go to my Education Page

Feel free to message me with questions about my leather restraints, I am happy to help.