Knowledge is Power

The Master has several years of experience in the field of high-end leather goods and believes that an informed client is a powerful client. Below you will find the good, the bad and the ugly information most leather novelty goods makers may not want you to know.


Leather Types

Leather is tanned and preserved in tannery houses all over the world. Masterbind Leather only uses U.S. Steerhides of the finest grade and quality possible. This also means the Master pays a high price to find the best grade of Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned Latigo Leather. Latigo leather is by far and away the best and strongest type of leather to use in adult restraints and no other leather should be considered. It can be cut thick while still maintaining a flexible and supple nature with minimal stretch. Latigo leather retains its overall shape and is best used in strap goods. The leather is heavily stuffed with oils and waxes aiding in its high resistance to water, sweat and fluids. It can be easily cleaned with a dampened sponge, a welcomed trait considering its intended uses. The Vegetable Tanned Latigo leather that the Master has selected also has the capability of absorbing Masterbind’s own Master Leather Cream – an in house made leather conditioner meant to keep your goods strong, long lasting and … wanting more.

There are indeed other types of leather out there used in adult novelty products. One of which is called Chrome Tanned. A regular chrome tanned hide lacks the oils and waxes to resist sweat and fluids. It is tanned in a way that will soften the leather by chemically breaking down fibers contributing to a lower strength and durability value. This leather is not for long-term use and is a cheaper quality option. Another type of leather seen in many adult goods is Genuine Leather. Genuine leather is a form of scrap leather that has been ground up and pressed into sheets using a form of glue. This type of leather breaks down easily and again is not intended for long-term use. As well there is what some will call Vegan Leather, also more commonly known as vinyl. This is not a leather at all as the material did not originate from an animal. Take care to select your adult toys based on quality, not just price alone.

Leather Thickness

All leather straps and cuffs created here at Masterbind use a 10 to 12 oz thick Latigo leather. That’s right around 3/16 of an inch of solid leather, which is very heavy duty. Leather of this thickness has little to no ability to stretch and will not lose its shape over time. However, due to the qualities of Latigo leather it remains fairly flexible and comfortable for the client. Leathers below 10 oz. thickness should always be doubled over to maintain their strength and reduce stretch. Beware of any restraints made too thin.


The Master has hand selected the hardware used in the Masterbind collection of restraints. Every item, with exception to a belt keeper or carabiner (high-grade carbon steel), is made from a high grade of stainless steel. Where stainless steel connects to itself it is welded in place. Stainless steel hardware is the highest quality option for adult goods and this fact should not be taken lightly. It is best to avoid any other type of hardware due to its cheap and impure nature.

Stitching, Riveting, Lacing

There are no stitches used in the Master’s restraint goods. Stitching can be seen as a weak point in any design and the Master avoids it at all costs. Due to the heavy use nature of these goods threading can fray and unravel a product. As well, stitching is typically used improperly by stitching across the strap, thus weakening it and giving the strap a point at which it can easily tear. Riveting on the other hand should be done only with the right type of solid drilled brass rivets and multiples should be used on any fastening point. Any product on the market that uses only one cheap style of rivet at a hardware fastening point is not building for longevity, durability or strength – they are  building for cheapness and quickness.

Due to many years of experience in the leather goods industry, the Master created three extremely durable options for fasting the Masterbind hardware: triple riveted solid drilled brass rivets, a latigo lace and cinch option, and a latigo lace and cinch with double rivet option. These forms of fastening are unique to the Master’s line of goods and are designed to stand up to heavy use.


Many people have metal allergies and they don’t even know it. Some first discover this fact about themselves after spending some time in a restraint. This is why the Master has designed gear that does not place any metal hardware or fastener in contact with the skin if you so choose. All cuff restraints are built as leather on leather with optional 100% pressed wool felt lining and contains the hardware on the outside of the cuff.

Now you are informed and powerful.