Will my order be shipped discreetly?

All orders are packaged in a regular brown shipping box (or small white padded envelope for small orders) without any markings or logos signifying what is inside. The return address will read “MB” as the name and give a P.O. Box for the location. For international orders the Master is required to fill out a short ‘contents’ form. This form will be filled out to the best of his abilities to remain discreet and not give away the contents inside.

How soon will my order ship?

Every item in the Masterbind shop is Hand Made per order by the Master. He makes everything in the order in which it was placed. Typically it may take 5 business days to complete an order, and may vary if you have fewer or more items.

What is your refund policy?

The Master makes everything custom to fit his clients’ needs. Due to the nature of custom made goods as well as their intended use there are no refunds or returns given. However – if your item proves to have a defect in material or craftsmanship, please get in touch with the Master via email within 2 days of receiving your goods in the mail. Defective goods will be remade to the same original specifications.

How do I find my correct measurements?

In the ‘Specs’ tab on every product listing there is a short description of the best way to measure for your order. Always measure against the skin, use a seamstress style tape measure, and never use clothing sizes as an alternative. Please double check your measurements as your item cannot be returned for a wrong size input.

I have a metal allergy, will it be an issue?

All of the Master’s Cuff designs are made so that there is no skin contact with any metal part of the Cuff hardware. Typically metal allergies are discovered when in a restraint for a period of time, mixed with heat and sweat. In the Master’s Cuffs your skin will be pressed against leather only, or an optional 100% natural pressed wool felt lining. The Master uses solid stainless steel hardware for connections, and a solid drilled brass rivet with nickel plating for one of the fastening options for straps.

Can I make a custom order for something not shown?

The Master is very selective about what custom items he will make that are not already sold in the shop. Please feel free to inquire about a possible custom project by purchasing the Custom Inquiry product. A small non-refundable fee is charged to look over and consider your project. The fee covers the time it takes for emailing, additional questions, quick shop tests and response – and is necessary due to the large quantity of requests the Master receives weekly. Your project has a better chance of acceptance if it is already very similar to an item sold in the shop. The more complex your request, the less likely it will be accepted, however the Master is always looking for a challenge.

Do you offer any discounts?

All sales and discounts will typically be listed in the top bar of the website. Due to the fact that the Master uses the highest quality materials available and that each item is handmade piece by piece, discounts are in fact rare. Please note that any free shipping offers are only valid for shipping addresses within the U.S.

Where can I learn more about your leather, hardware and style?

The Master put together an Education page specifically to empower his clients to make the right decision when purchasing their Adult Leather Goods. If you would like more info follow this link: Education